A tool that makes work trips drama free.

Make It Easy

Make work easier for anyone and everyone on your team.

Events, people, travel, schedule....
Keep track of everything in a single app that stores all of your details, updates in real time, and instantly communicates with the team.
Make it easy.


Work travel issues?
Not anymore.

WorkTrip is the perfect solution to keep you and your co-workers on top of your game during any work trip or event.

Instant Notifications

Put an end to relying on emails. When you need important information quickly at an event, WorkTrip ensures everyone gets the memo.

Travel Details

Flights, hotels, and other details are automatically added so you can access them all in one place.

All Events In One Place

This is not just another event app. WorkTrip is your central hub where you can see all of your company events and your own meetings at any time, plus edit and manage details on the go.

Travel Integration

All travel reservations are synced and automatically appear in the app.

Organized Event Information

No more sifting through emails to find what you need. WorkTrip provides you easy access to details like your meeting documents, tradeshow sell sheets, personalized schedule, and travel details.


Focus on your job. No more noise. No more stress.

WorkTrip enables you to be more productive by giving you everything at your fingertips, right when you need it. No more sifting through hundreds of emails to find what you need, or realizing that you missed an important notification about a change.

The Benefits

WorkTrip makes business travel easier.

Increased Productivity

Get rid of wasted time. WorkTrip is perfect for event planners and attendees.

Manage Events With Ease

Easily create events and manage details, documents, and schedules within the app.

Push Alert Notifications

Never miss important info. Stay up to date with all schedules, meetings, and conversations.

Travel Integration

Air, hotel, and car reservations for each event are automatically synced and appear in the app.

WorkTrip solves common travel problems.

WorkTrip was designed by event planners and business travelers, for event planners and business travelers. See what our clients are saying:

"Everything about it makes my reps lives easier, which in turn makes my job easier!” – Keri Steinmetz, Marketing & Trade Show Coordinator, Trinity3 Technology
“Because I’m able to email the entire group through WorkTrip at once, it saves me an extraordinary amount of time.” - Samantha Nelson, Corporate Event Planner, Carboline Company.
“Overall, I feel that WorkTrip as an internal meeting / event app has eased the burden of a hectic travel schedule and would recommend this without hesitation to any organization that is looking to better communicate with their teams.” – Rebecca Lee, Senior Designer, Glen Raven, Inc.
“It’s a one stop shop – everything is in one place. During busy weeks, saves me multiple hours of work. I love the feed feature to show what’s going on at the show. We were never able to do that before.” – Samantha Heckman, Marketing Manager, Accuform
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