How WorkTrip Came to Be

For 8 years, I planned, executed, and managed corporate meetings, trade shows, and events for a company in North Carolina. We were a small team handling well over 100 events each year. Managing the execution of the event was part one, making sure everyone attending the event had everything they needed was part two. With multiple systems being used to book travel for events, provide travel details to the organizer, and email to relay event details and relevant documents, information became scattered. Undoubtedly, emails with important information got buried in inboxes and then planners were answering questions about the event. I’m sure you’ll agree that there is so much more that could be done if you didn’t have to dig through a mountain of emails to find something. There had to be a better way to do this!

I began to dream about one central place where planners could upload information, a solution that could integrate our disparate systems, and our internal teams had access to all of it on their mobile device. A solution companies could use to see a decrease in time wasted, have more visibility into the cost and value of events, and notice a rise in productivity among busy travelers.
But, was this just a dream or could this really happen? Then I was introduced to Nathan Aaron. Nathan was a technology expert at our company and I was advised to consult him to see if what I was dreaming was possible or not. Well, it was and then began the creation of WorkTrip!

WorkTrip was created to lessen the pains associated with planning, executing, and traveling to corporate events. WorkTrip makes it easy.

Switch Four recently announced the launch of its first product, WorkTrip, an event planning tool that provides an easier, more organized and efficient way for busy corporate event and meeting planners to maximize event communication and minimize travel risk. Switch Four was selected to participate in Media Day at the GBTA Convention 2018.  You can view the video here.

OUR DRIVE What Drives WorkTrip?

As we’ve built the WorkTrip team it’s been important to look for people that share our vision and passion for

Solving problems
Believing the unbelievable
New ideas
Learning new things
Asking questions

WHO WE ARE The WorkTrip Team

We are a team comprised of a master baker, pro mini golf player, ballerina, and moms and dads, just to name a few. Our office snack time and water cooler conversations are nothing short of amazing. At WorkTrip, play is just as important as our work. We believe that breaking away to have lunch, laugh, and have fun allows us to be more focused and productive. Above all else, we are passionate, creative people who like building solutions that solve problems.

Made by Switch Four

WorkTrip was designed by Switch Four - a subsidiary of Glen Raven, Inc. We are a software development company that focuses on providing SaaS platforms that make lives easier through mobile and web-based solutions.

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