Your lifeline for events and work travel.

WorkTrip is a web-based and mobile event management software that serves as a centralized hub to communicate all of your event and travel details.



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One Central Place

Travel Details

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Experience peace of mind.

Rest easy knowing everyone has what they need at their fingertips with our event management solution. WorkTrip dramatically decreases the amount of event-related questions, freeing up more of your time.

View your event details.

View your travel info and manage flight status.

View your schedule and get automated reminders.

Invite your team members.

Manage all your files in one place.

Using time more effectively. WorkTrip makes you more:


Brainstorm new ideas.


Eliminate wasted time.


Align events with business goals.


Communicate information in real time.


WorkTrip fits your needs.

Our event management system was designed by event planners and event travelers. We understand your challenges and want to make it easy. See what our clients are saying:

“Everything about it makes my reps' lives easier, which in turn makes my job easier!”

- Keri Steinmetz, Marketing & Trade Show Coordinator, Trinity3 Technology

“Because I’m able to email the entire group through WorkTrip at once, it saves me an extraordinary amount of time.”

- Samantha Nelson, Corporate Event Planner, Carboline Company

“Overall, I feel that WorkTrip as an internal meeting / event app has eased the burden of a hectic travel schedule and would recommend this without hesitation to any organization that is looking to better communicate with their teams.”

- Rebecca Lee, Senior Designer, Glen Raven, Inc.

“It’s a one stop shop – everything is in one place. During busy weeks, saves me multiple hours of work. I love the feed feature to show what’s going on at the show. We were never able to do that before.”

- Samantha Heckman, Marketing Manager, Accuform