WorkTrip Features

WorkTrip is a meeting planner that enables you to be more productive by giving you everything for the event. No more sifting through hundreds of emails to find what you need, or realizing that you missed an important notification about a change.


One Central Place

Save time by having a one-stop shop for all company event and travel details with our meeting software.

Travel Details

Access integrated flight, rental car and hotel reservations with event information in one click. Meeting management made easy.

Instant Notifications

Alert event travelers of schedule changes, safety risks, dinner reservations and more.

Live Feed

Post photos and updates to share with team members.

Travel Risks

Find and keep travelers safe wherever they are.

Rideshare Integration

Catch a ride faster to the airport, hotel or event destination.

Task Management

Registration Builder

Coming Soon


Send pre or post event surveys to collect information or get event feedback.

Personalized Schedules

Event goers will only see what is relevant to them.

Meeting Session Builder

Set session capacities and enable waitlists.

How it Works


View your event details.

View your travel information and flight status.

View your schedule and get automated reminders.

Invite your team members.

Manage all of your files in one place.

Who Needs WorkTrip

Event Planner

Ever feel like you are herding cats? Event planning can be a lot like herding cats. Take control and end your days of cat herding. You can store all of your event and travel details that everyone needs all in one place with WorkTrip. No need to repeat yourself. One and done. And, any updates or changes to your event are reflected in real time across all devices. WorkTrip is designed to make work trips easier for both those planning the event as well as those traveling to the event.

Event Traveler

Work trips are inevitable, but they don’t have to be painful. Now they are more enjoyable with WorkTrip because all of the information you need is organized, easy to find and all in one place. No more sifting through hundreds of emails to find what you need. Communication with your colleagues becomes hassle-free without the burden of endless group texts or emails. So, are you ready to experience drama free work trips?

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