13 Travel Apps to Help You Coordinate Your Next Global Trip.

13 Travel Apps to Help You Coordinate Your Next Global Trip.

Travel can be complicated. Whether for work or for play, an exciting global trip can turn into a to-do list of obligations, preparations, and unwanted surprises. Luckily, with a little help from technology, we can turn some of the hassles of travel into problems of the past. Below, we’ve put together an overview of some of our favorite apps for travelers.

Apps for Travel Preparation


Yes, you can make your own packing list but there is an app that does it for you – and arguably, better than you. Imagine if you had a personal assistant who made you the perfect packing list, specific to the weather forecast at your destination and the activities you’ll engage in on your trip. PackPoint does all of that and more.

Google Trips

Google’s Trips app pulls together all of the information for your trip through your Gmail confirmations and houses everything in the app. Using your consumer history and any preferences you want to enter, the app will create a complete trip portfolio complete with recommendations for events, attractions, food, and sights to see.


One of the biggest pains about global travel is renewing your Passport. Fortunately, now it’s easy. The ItsEasy app allows you to download renewal forms via email and take your new passport photo on your phone. You can then send the forms back to ItsEasy through a trackable USPS process and pay the government fees through the app. Your documents will arrive in two to three weeks.


One of the best ways to immerse yourself in a new place is to learn a bit of the language, understand the customs and culture, and learn in-the-moment information about the places and things you’re seeing as you go. You can learn more than 25 different languages with Memrise and attach meaningful cultural learning to every lesson.

Apps for Travel and Transit


Have you ever been waiting at the airport for your flight only to find out that it’s been delayed for hours or canceled altogether? If that flight were registered with Freebird, you could book a new ticket on any airline and get back on track.


With layovers running as short as 25 minutes these days, there’s hardly time to cover the basics between flights. If you’re planning to grab a bite at the airport, make sure to grab this app first. Grab stores airport restaurant details including location within the airport, menus, and prices. Even better, you can order in advance and pick up your food between gates.

Apps to Use While Abroad


Extra-long layover? Use this app to book a hotel room for a few hours to grab a shower, take a nap, or just freshen up after a red-eye. Dayuse offers hotel rooms for up to 75 percent off regular nightly rates at 3,000 hotels around the world.


Roomer is a marketplace to snag (or sell!) hotel rooms whose reservations have been abandoned or canceled. You can score 30% up to 80% off of a room in your destination city if you’re flexible on which hotel you stay in. Bonus: if you need to cancel a non-refundable hotel stay, you can resell your reservation here, too.


While Google Maps and Waze are focused on getting you from point A to point B with the quickest possible route, SideKix offers you a more enjoyable excursion. This route planner offers walking directions within your destination city based on what you’re into and what you might need. Use SideKix to find a great burger between your hotel and your afternoon meeting or to swing by a gallery exhibit with friends after dinner. This one will make you feel like an in-the-know local anywhere in the world.


Get walking directions around any city without feeling like a total tourist. Walc will give you directions in your earphones based on easy-to-spot landmarks down each street, rather than street names or cardinal directions. This way, you can quickly maneuver around a new city like a local and feel less lost.


Turo is the AirBnB of rental cars. Vehicle owners list their cars on the Turo app for use as rental cars, just as you would list a home on AirBnB. App users can then search for the type of vehicle they want and score a rental at significantly lower (like 70% off) typical rental car prices. Though only available in US, Canada, and Europe, Turo has plans to expand to other parts of the world by 2020.

The beauty of technology is its ability to solve problems. These apps for travelers are intuitive and sophisticated to help you stress less and enjoy your trip. Recreational travelers will use and appreciate these apps but if you travel for work regularly, or plan travel for teams, these apps become even more important! Whether planning your work travel for yourself or as a coordinator on behalf of a team, the WorkTrip app makes syncing schedules and tracking particulars easier than you can imagine. Every employee or team member knows where they should be and when, with maps, plans, flight and hotel info, and other details all in one place.

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