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5 Tips to Boost Your Corporate Retreats

5 Tips to Boost Your Corporate Retreats

Corporate retreats - we’ve all been to our fair share of them. If you’re anything like us, you’ve seen the good, the bad, and the boring when it comes to company sponsored functions.

After our many experiences, it’s a no brainer - there’s a difference between attending a memorable event versus a mandatory event.

What makes corporate retreats not only enjoyable for your staff but memorable is all in the planning. Putting on the perfect company retreat involves planning and while it can be tough to keep your corporate retreat ideas fresh, Work Trip is here to help.

No matter the size of your staff or your budget, you can put on a company retreat that excites! Here are five tips to boost your next corporate retreat.


Tip #1: Create a Theme

When putting together your retreat itinerary, it can be difficult to know how to plan for both work and fun. While there are goals you need to achieve through an offsite company retreat, there is also an opportunity to create an enjoyable experience for your staff. Nothing brings a staff together more than by mixing it up with a theme.

Creating a theme is a simple way to plan a cohesive company retreat and you’ll find that your corporate retreat ideas will seamlessly flow when connected to a larger theme. Some of our favorite themes for company retreats include the 80s, fiesta, and camping.

These themes will help in decorating, selecting food and choosing activities and you’ll find there are other ways to implement themes throughout your event. Your theme will bring a lively element to your company retreat and will encourage involvement from your staff without getting in the way of your mission for the offsite.

We recommend creating a goal for what you believe your staff will take-away from the retreat and infuse this purpose throughout your planning.

If you’re looking to achieve a more educational focused company retreat, structure your retreat so that your heavy content is discussed in the mornings so your staff will have the most focus.

Then add in a theme night and ask your staff to go all out by dressing up. Communicate to your staff ahead of the retreat and encourage staff members to get creative and dress up as groups or by team.

If you were to implement a Fiesta theme as one of your corporate retreat ideas, your theme night could include Mexican food, Fiesta Decor and Salsa Dancing.


Tip #2: Celebrate Team Wins

There is no better time to recognize members of your staff for their hard work and dedication than at corporate retreats. It’s sometimes hard to carve out time in a normal work week to celebrate staff for a job well done which is why spending a few minutes at an offsite offers the perfect opportunity to do so.

Chances are the entire staff may not be aware of all of the great work happening on every team, this is a good opportunity to add visibility and even give other teams ideas on what they can do to amplify workstreams.

Recognized efforts are always repeated so we recommend doing something special for not only a few excellent team members, but for the entire staff on your company retreat.

Find a way to surprise your team in a fun way, it can be a simple sweet treat like an ice cream sundae bar or something big like a surprise Mariachi band. Showing gratitude for a job well done in a fun way will go far with your staff.


Tip #3: Select Speakers Who Inspire

When creating memorable corporate retreats bring in speakers who will entertain your staff while enlarging their perspective. Take advantage of the relaxed timeline of an offsite and use this time to inspire your staff towards the next season of the business.

Pull together your leadership team and use your combined networks to find an engaging speaker for your company retreat. Keep in mind, your keynote speaker doesn’t necessarily need to be anyone famous or noteworthy and it doesn’t even have to be someone from your industry. As you sift through speaker options, look for someone with a unique perspective and career journey.

If you have a difficult time finding a speaker from outside of your organization, look inwards. Inviting your staff members to speak at your company retreat is an excellent option.

On a past company retreat, a CEO invited up five members from their staff to share their five minute career journey and why they loved this company. This was a hit and provided a way to spotlight these employees so other staff in the room to get to know them. Consider what element a speaker could add when you are assembling your corporate retreat ideas.


Tip #4: Snacks, Snacks and More Snacks

Out of all our corporate retreat ideas, this next one will seem simple but proves important, time and time again. An easy way to keep your staff happy is to keep them fed on your company retreat.

When bringing your staff to a venue where there is limited access to a coffee shop or a nearby convenience store, providing a range of snacks is a must. Snacks are a painless solution to keep your staff focused during sessions and activities.

To keep your snack bar looking full, have someone from the executive team refresh the snacks and change out the variety. Encourage snack times to give your staff a breather between sessions and to provide an opportunity to have a conversation with other staff members. This is a sure fire way to keep your company retreat on track.


Tip #5: Get Moving

After hours of sitting and following a schedule, take time at your retreat to get moving. While you’re out of the four walls of your office, organize an activity for your staff to do some team building.

Take this opportunity to build camaraderie with your staff at your company retreat by playing games and getting outside. Some organizations turn to kickball tournaments, karaoke and exploring the city to bring fun elements into corporate retreats.

After a long day of sitting in sessions and meetings, getting out of the conference space is a healthy way to bring staff together and create memorable team moments.


Don't Forget Feedback!

While assembling corporate retreat ideas is no easy feat, we hope these corporate retreat ideas inspire you to create a memorable and meaningful time for your staff.

Integrating our 5 tips will help boost morale on your corporate retreat that will carry into the next season in your business.

Once your retreat is over, remember to send out a survey and gather feedback which will be useful in planning your next corporate retreats.


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