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5 Tips for Creating an Effective Event Marketing Plan

5 Tips for Creating an Effective Event Marketing Plan

Event marketing is all about creating buzz for an event you are hosting and communicating the value of the event to potential attendees; it boils down to an effective strategy, online or offline, through various channels. 

Having the right event marketing plan will help identify your target audience and pinpoint how you will not only attract new attendees, but retain them.

So how do you make your event marketing plan template as effective as possible? To start, try some of these event marketing planning ideas:


Share with the Media

Gaining media coverage can help you boost your event marketing plan beyond your network and, as a result, increase ticket sales and attendance. This can be best achieved through a good press release that invites the local media to be a part of your event! To write a stellar press release, keep in mind the following:

  • Add an introduction line that is personalized to every journalist and their publication.
  • Keep things simple so that the journalist(s) can identify the key information about your event easily.
  • Come up with a compelling hook that makes your event unique and different from other events.

Sharing a strong press release with the media will be essential, especially when the goal of your event marketing plan is to spread awareness and invite influential people.


Go Social

Speaking of influence, your event marketing plan should incorporate ways to reach out to potential collaborators and influencers in order to boost the exposure of your event. Getting on social media is important during the early planning stages to create momentum for your event and build the right target audience.

Both paid and organic social media campaigns are essential strategies to reach your event marketing plan goals. Consider an event hashtag strategy to gain visibility and traction online and drive conversation. As you get closer to the event date, final posts and social media updates should take a more urgent and sales-driven approach, compared to initial marketing efforts.


Design a Dedicated Event Page

Sending your prospective attendees to a website that solely covers the event – and well – is arguably one of the most important pieces of an event marketing plan template. Consumers seek good design and responsiveness in web pages, which will ensure the efforts behind an event marketing plan are successful.

First, focus on creating an attractive landing page that will catch the consumer’s eye, followed by a well-designed and user-friendly registration page. This is ideally an introduction to the event that uses concise copy to resonate with the target audience, and is supported by appealing graphics and images. You can also use this page after the initial launch excitement and early bird specials to further motivate people to register for the event.


Turn To Live Streaming Platforms

While we’ve mentioned the importance of marketing your event through social media platforms, there are other tools that you can also champion to make your event stand out more. Live streaming can be added to your event marketing plan to facilitate direct interactions with your target audience. This tool will give your audience a peek of what lies ahead and make a compelling pitch around the “why” of your event.

Going “Live” with your performers and stakeholders is essential to execute your event marketing plan in a modern way. A sneak peek will show them that you have planned to make this a memorable and exciting event for all your attendees. Attendees are increasingly using and viewing live streams on platforms like Facebook Live or Periscope, making this a perfect opportunity to capitalize on the trend.


Follow Up With Relevant KPI Measurements

The ultimate KPI that any event marketing plan should track is the total number of event registrations. While executing different initiatives and social media campaigns may sound productive and effective, they mean very little if their success is not measured properly. Asking people upon registration about how they found the event and what motivated them to purchase a ticket will provide valuable insight on what marketing strategies were most effective.

An effective event marketing plan will include these ideas, and more, in its build. For more tips and tricks on event marketing, check out our interview with Chuck Underwood, President and CCO of Metro Productions, on taking a multi-level approach to event marketing.


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