Case Study: Accuform

Case Study: Accuform

WorkTrip Helps Lighten The Load For Accuform’s Marketing Manager

Like many marketing managers, Samantha Heckman wears multiple hats and event management is just one of those. For most of her 12 years at Accuform, Samantha was a one-woman marketing shop. In addition to events, Samantha is responsible for her company’s co-op advertising program and numerous other marketing programs. She also serves as the company’s admin and trainer for its CRM database and expansive customer loyalty program.

As her other responsibilities grew, she searched for a tool to help streamline communication for the company’s 35 annual events, including tradeshows and internal sales meetings.

After discovering WorkTrip at EXHIBITORLIVE, Samantha was excited to join an early pilot program for the new event communication hub.

"With WorkTrip, I upload the information once. It's easy to do and it saves me a lot of time, it really makes things easier for everyone."

– Samantha Heckman, Marketing Manager at Accuform

With new responsibilities continually added to Samantha’s plate, she simply doesn’t have time to waste searching for little details, answering questions and/or sending emails over and over again.

“It really makes things easier for everyone. I spend a lot of time in meetings, on phone calls, or at tradeshows, making it hard for attendees to reach me and get the information they need, especially if they need it quickly.”  Samantha has also used WorkTrip to streamline her post-show executive briefing reports.

“My turnaround time for those 8-9 page reports used to be at least a week. I would have to open multiple files and wade through multiple documents to find everything I needed. With WorkTrip, I have condensed that process into two days or less. Pulling details about who attended, opportunities, and challenges, and even photos is now as easy as bing, bang, boom,” she exclaimed.

With help from WorkTrip, Samantha saves a significant amount of time for each show, including time she used to spend creating and emailing show documents, responding to emails and text messages, and creating executive briefs.  “That time-savings varies from show to show, but it definitely adds up,” she explained.


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