Case Study: Carboline

Case Study: Carboline

Carboline Puts WorkTrip To The Test

When Samantha Nelson decided to give WorkTrip a try, she took what some might consider a risky approach. The event planner at Carboline chose to put this event communication hub to the ultimate test with her biggest event of the year.

When it comes to Carboline’s annual sales meeting, Samantha is responsible for communicating with over 200 people, all of whom she added to WorkTrip for that initial trial. Prior to that, Samantha had relied primarily on email for all event communication, and communicating with that large of a group required a lot of email. 

Fortunately for Samantha, WorkTrip passed the test with flying colors.

As a matter of fact, it was feedback from Carboline’s sales council that helped Samantha get WorkTrip approved for continued use.

“The annual sales meeting was a great opportunity for the sales council to see WorkTrip in action, and a direct opportunity for them to experience the value of having a centralized event communication hub,” explained Samantha.

“I love that WorkTrip allows us to have everything in one place.  It is so nice to have everyone trained to go there to get all of the information they need.  It saves me and everyone else from having to dig through emails to find one piece of information.”  

– Samantha Nelson, Event Planner at Carboline

Samantha is excited about being at the forefront of WorkTrip’s evolution, benefitting from continual product updates designed to make her job even easier.

One such recent product update is the ability to have travel information automatically uploaded into WorkTrip. While Samantha was responsible for hotel reservations, she struggled to get reps to upload their own travel details. Now hotel confirmations and travel details are all easily found in WorkTrip, eliminating confusion and stress experienced by both parties in the past. 

“WorkTrip has already become my one-stop shop for event communications, and I expect it to get even better from here,” shared Samantha.  


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