Making Events Easier for Planners and Attendees

Making Events Easier for Planners and Attendees

When WorkTrip recently introduced its new custom registration capabilities, the company had both event planners and attendees in mind. They also intended to deliver on their vision for a single, integrated event technology platform.

The WorkTrip team, including co-founder Nathan Aaron, spends a lot of time talking to customers and prospects about their technology needs.  “Custom registration often came up in conversation,” he explained. “Event planners were frustrated trying to use tools not built with events in mind, and with using siloed  ‘event technology’ tools that lacked a common interface.”

Jordan Mahaffey, Glen Raven Trade Show and Event Specialist, was one of those customers. “We used to build custom registrations by creating a survey in SurveyMonkey or Typeform, and sending users to that site to answer the questions.  It was honestly a nightmare to track which users completed the additional survey and which had not,” Jordan said.  

WorkTrip’s latest custom registration enhancement enables planners to create their own custom questions for event registrations, tied directly to the event and all event communication.  They can create any questions they want to and use a variety of question types (such as multiple choice, short text, long text, statement, yes/no, and date).  Additionally, with the multiple choice and the yes/no questions, they can branch to include follow-up questions.  Questions can be ordered in any manner and descriptions can be added to any question. 

“WorkTrip’s new custom registration functionality allows us to tie extra questions to an event registration without anyone (attendees or myself) having to go into another tool to input that data.  It makes it much easier to track the responses and data. It also allows us to go into deeper detail, beyond just asking if an attendee is attending an event or needs a hotel.  Sometimes we need to know what size t-shirt they wear and if they’re planning to attend auxiliary events at a trade show/meeting. WorkTrip’s custom registration allows us to ask those questions,” Jordan added.  

WorkTrip customers are excited for this latest enhancement. They are also excited about the company’s commitment to deliver a solution that allows them to do so much from a single interface - manage event travel, schedules, communication, registration and more – a one-stop-shop for event planners.

“I can see my time spent per event decreasing exponentially by a using a single platform vs. managing three or four platforms per event. This all-in-one approach saves us time and effort which is every planner’s dream,” customer Jordan Mahaffey shared.

By offering a more efficient and streamlined way to do their job, WorkTrip hopes to not only lessen the pains event planners face when planning, executing and traveling to events, but also to free them up to focus on more strategic opportunities. 


WorkTrip was created to lessen the pains associated with planning, executing and traveling to trade shows, meetings and events; and very importantly, to free you up to focus on what really matters. Let us know what else we can do to help.

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