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Event Personalization is the Key to a Memorable Event

Event Personalization is the Key to a Memorable Event

Between coordinating with vendors and hashing out all of the small details, adding in event personalization can feel like unnecessary work – but it’s much more important than you think.

Customized event planning for your specific audience will allow your event to live on in the minds of attendees long past the last session.

According to the scale of your event, brainstorming ideas about how to make your attendees feel more comfortable (and actualizing them) will completely enhance the event experience.

Try implementing these ideas into your event or conference for a more personalized experience.


Implement a survey

Chances are, your pre-event checklist contains a registration process and initial email to your attendees.

Take this opportunity to start event personalization before the attendees even arrive at your event.

In addition to asking about necessary attendee information during registration, ask about some fun topics - such as favorite dessert or grab bag items.

No one can resist their favorite kind of cookie or promo item, which makes them the perfect gifts to give at your personalized corporate event.

Other questions to ask during registration can be in the form of a dropdown menu with a small selection of options for favorite drinks, snacks, and activities (within range of the event).

Have your event team stock fridges with the correct amount of food and drink selections, or even place them on tables if you have assigned seating.

It’s also fun to bring people on stage and have them participate in a game or intro activity -- you can award participants with their favorite coffee beverage.

Asking people what they like through registration gives you more opportunity to create customized event planning and memorable moments.

For a smaller event, you can place attendees’ favorite snacks and drinks at their seat with a name tag on it.

This is a small yet thoughtful way to make attendees feel appreciated, and will keep them full, focused and happy throughout the session.

If you’re hosting a larger event, you may not necessarily be able to curate everyone’s favorite drink and snack but you can still make your attendees feel valued by simply mentioning your shared love for something they wrote on the survey; it’s an easy gesture that’s also easy on your budget.


Landing pages

If you’re looking for interactive event personalization, consider creating an event specific landing page.

With any event, it’s helpful for attendees to have access to a schedule and any necessary contact information.

A landing page will help gather and organize the necessary information of your selected attendees before or during the event.

Your landing page can hold a variety of links and act as the “go-to” for any event questions.

You can even link in fun add ons for attendees such as lunch and dinner suggestions around the venue, activities in the area, and a game portal for an in-session icebreaker.

Consider adding a master list of attendees and their contact information, so people can get in touch with each other over the course of the event.

Want to take it a step further? Try creating an app or adding event information in your current app.

If you are able to create and utilize an app you can enable push notifications that will bring your attendees the most up-to-date information over the course of the event.

You can also set up alerts for app users so that they are notified in tandem event schedules.

The easier it is for your attendees to access itineraries, the smoother your event will run.


Attendee choices

Networking is one of the biggest motivators for event attendees.

Providing optional group meals at nearby locations can facilitate relationship building between attendees and ultimately make them feel more comfortable.

Reserving a room or area at a bar or restaurant is the perfect way to increase communication among attendees.

It can be helpful to consider this in the early stages of planning, so you can make events easily accessible.

For example, maybe you choose a specific hotel because it has a large bar area where attendees could congregate after sessions.

When it comes to creating your event schedule, consider allowing your attendees to choose from a variety of sessions to create a more personalized corporate event experience.

Giving your attendees an option of sessions to attend will encourage them to go to sessions that are most interesting to them and will help pique engagement in the discussion.

Although attendees will not be able to attend sessions happening at the same time, they can always hop on the landing page or app to gather notes.


Event branding

A way to ensure event personalization is to brand your event.

Creating branding for your event will help it to feel more cohesive and intentionally planned.

A brand allows you the opportunity to convey a clear and concise message to your audience, communicating what the event is all about.

Showing that you took the extra step to create a graphic and a name for the event will pay dividends when it comes to attendee experience.

It is super effective to establish an online presence before your event to get anticipated guests excited about attending.

Post a countdown the week leading up to the event and use your logo as frequently and consistently as possible.

You can even come up with a clever tagline to go along with the posts to stick in the heads of attendees.

Incorporate your branding everywhere: on presentations, around the venue, and on attendee treats and souvenirs.

Notebooks, folders and pens with an event logo can be great leave behinds for attendees.

Chances are that even after your event, attendees will continue to use these materials, so they become a reminder of your conference.

Whether you’re looking to create a personalized corporate event for a large or small crowd, implementing these ideas can help your customized event planning.

Spending time to intentionally think of your attendees will create a memorable experience that will last long past your event.

We hope these ideas help take your event personalization to the next level.

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