How to Coordinate Multi-Location Teams for Travel.

How to Coordinate Multi-Location Teams for Travel.

The life of an event planner is never one-dimensional. Planning the event itself is controlled chaos with moving parts and fun surprises around every corner. Your brain is an organization superhighway and you have a process for everything, which helps, but some events are just more complex than others.

Global collaboration has become more and more prevalent in the last decade. We’re more connected than ever before which is amazing. However, this also means that your event coordination efforts just went global, too. When your event requires teams from all over the planet to come together, your usual domestic travel process needs a revamp. What are the steps to ensuring these multi-located teams are kept in sync? We’ve got the rundown ready for you:

Confirm the Agenda

Before you can secure flights, hotels, transportation, and travel particulars, it’s important that the event details are confirmed.  Once an executive signs off on the particulars, you can disperse the event schedule and begin configuring travel.

Know Who’s Who
You may want to know titles and responsibilities for each person so that if sales teams need to get together somewhere different, or executives are having a separate luncheon on day four, you send the right people to the right places.

Coordinate Flights
This part can be a real act of magic. It’s your responsibility to make sure everyone from Switzerland arrives on the same day as those traveling from Japan, Brazil, and Canada, all while accounting for different layovers or surprises. Even just the time zone conversion can be overwhelming but you got this! This Time Zone Converter could be a huge help. Here’s a Flight Time Calculator that might be helpful for estimating travel duration, too.

Secure Accommodations
Everyone on the list needs a place to stay. Ideally, your hotel will accommodate your entire group, be close to the event site, and fall within budget. This can be a real issue if the event is very large or if the city is hosting other big events in the same week. Once a location is confirmed for your event, an important next-step is to negotiate a hotel room block for your group.   

Outline Specific Travel Requirements
Different countries may have different international vaccine requirements, packing limitations, or other paperwork you must complete. Currency conversion procedures, various outlet adaptors or phone plan changes may be necessary. Once you get these tied down for each country of origin, notify the team and check up with them to make sure everyone is caught up ahead of time. Note: if your event is taking place in a faraway time zone, there could be a delay in communications that requires a larger threshold of planning time.

Prep Your Travelers
Do your teams know their itineraries, who they’re meeting with, and what specific protocol should be followed while they’re abroad? Have these discussions with attendees and point them to resources to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Keep it All Together
It’s important that event information, resources, itineraries, addresses & contact details are kept in one place. It’s smart to coordinate between global traveling teams so that there’s efficient communication and support in case something breaks down. Spreadsheets and chains of email threads can be messy.

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