How to Encourage Communication Between Marketing & Sales

How to Encourage Communication Between Marketing & Sales

If you’ve worked in or around the marketing or sales professions, you’ve likely noticed the tension between the two fields. Marketing thinks that sales only cares about money. Sales thinks marketing is all a bunch of fluff.

The truth is, marketing needs sales and sales needs marketing. If marketing didn’t have closers, then all of their work would be for naught. If sales didn’t have brand recognition and marketing collateral, they wouldn’t have anyone to sell to.

In order to maintain operational efficiency, you need your inter-department communication to be cohesive and productive. This can be challenging to achieve if two departments resent each other. However, with the right attention and effort, you can achieve harmony and productivity by encouraging communication between sales and marketing.

Why sales and marketing communication matters

Internal communication is critical for any organization and between any two departments. It’s even more critical between sales and marketing because of how intertwined the two teams truly are. Regular feedback from sales is important for three key reasons:

  1. Better insights into the end client
  2. Validation of the effectiveness of your current marketing programs and materials
  3. Ongoing account management

Regular communication with the marketing department will help sales in these four ways:

  1. Different insight into the ideal client
  2. Clear voice guideline to represent the company and maintain consistent messaging
  3. Mass consumer and market trends
  4. More informed marketing programs and materials

Create a culture of mutual respect for both teams

Do as I say and not as I do, doesn’t work very well in business. Employees can see through initiatives that are geared towards improving productivity but that don’t reflect the actual culture of the company.

Start from the top down with this approach. You have to value marketing and sales equally in order to prevent any sort of resentment from building up and discouraging collaboration between these two pivotal teams in your organization.

Don’t just give bonuses, prizes and special outings to your high performing sales personnel without equally praising and rewarding the marketing team members that also contributed to your company’s revenue. Understand the importance of each department and ensure that your whole organization respects every department’s role in the success and function of your business.

Hold monthly meetings to share wins and insights

Holding joint meetings between these departments is one way to guarantee that these teams communicate. You can set a positive tone by placing an emphasis on celebrating joint successes.

Each meeting should have a productive agenda that’s focused on ways in which each team can provide value for the other. These two departments share a singular goal of making the company money. This means that every person in this meeting is spending 40 hours a week gaining valuable insights about the market, industry, user experience, social data, SEO data, customer insights, website data, marketing tools, sales deliverables, etc. Each meeting participant can apply these unique insights to her own role.

Equip your company with the right communication tools and platforms

Effective project management tools can address a key divide between marketing and sales - transparency. Both teams feel as though they should be priority #1. Which is understandable. However, if you haven’t performed a given job, it’s easy to overlook the complexity that goes into each day and just how busy teams can be. The right project management software can show team members where their tasks fall in line for other coworkers.

Other tools like Slack and 15Five can encourage regular communication between teams. Open up channels and encourage dialogue around hobbies that can create a deeper bond between sales and marketing employees.

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