3 Keys to Creating Instagrammable Events

3 Keys to Creating Instagrammable Events

Social media is vital to amplifying the reach of event experiences. To gain traction on social media, it is essential that you learn create the atmosphere for an Instagrammable event. 

Not only does social sharing engage current attendees of an event, it intrigues an audience in their social network and attracts new attendees.

Once a social post is published, anyone and everyone can see and share your content. This circulation is key.

Research shows that 98 percent% of consumers create digital or social content at branded experiences, and 100 percent% of those people share that content.

Instagram in particular is a critical engagement platform -- according to research from Inc., Instagram’s user base has grown by more than 300 percent over the past few years.

With so many eyeballs and the potential for virality, this is the perfect stage for your event sharing.

Bottom line: Instagrammable events are successful events -- those that create an atmosphere that lends itself to being photographed and posted on social media.

Here are three Instagrammable event ideas for event planners to implement that make an impression and encourage attendees to share photos with their followers and organically promote the event.


Create an Appealing Venue

Instagram is a visual channel, so the event venue plays a crucial role in attracting attendees to share visuals of their event experience.

A venue gives the first impression of the event, and is therefore highly responsible for setting the attendees’ mood and expectations for the event.

Therefore, visual design and aesthetics must be a priority when planning Instagrammable events.

Your first order of business is to consider the physical aspects of a venue.

The actual size and layout of the room(s) should be appropriate for the size and type of event you are planning; these aspects will impact attendees’ movement and interaction with the space, in addition to their overall experience.

Here is a good time to also assess orientation and framing -- consider the dimensions of Instagram feed posts and stories posts, and how physical elements of the space will fit that size and shape.

Choose something that will appeal to your crowd and test it out with a few pictures beforehand.

Do the colors show up well in photos?

Are the lights creating a glare or casting a shadow?

Event managers planning Instagrammable events should choose a venue that allows for exciting decoration and sets a photographic mood.

Lighting is essential to attractive photographs.

Natural lighting is ideal, so seek venues with windows that let the photons pour in.

If an event must be hosted in a venue with minimal natural light, opt for flattering, artificial light fixtures that supply ample illumination.

Also, unique lighting motifs serve the double purpose of lighting the space and making it more visually appealing.

Venues like warehouses, museums, and studios are conducive to motion and customization; when outfitted with distinct elements, these exhibit-like spaces are designed for social sharing.

Table settings, decorative drinks, and even food presentations can make a statement and be worth capturing when properly executed.

Even if there are limitations on the venue selection, there are ways to modify spaces and incite conversation and photography.

Great Instagrammable event ideas spring from thinking creatively about how to transform the space.

String lights are a classic and effective way to spice up a venue, and instantly increase the intimacy of an event.

Adding greenery also enhances a space; try using succulents or flowers as centerpieces, wrap vines around the chairs, or even scatter some mini trees around the room to bring some of the outdoors inside.

However you choose to decorate, make sure you follow a consistent theme for optimal aesthetics.


Design Instagram-Worthy Moments

Whether through installations, step-and-repeats, selfie stations, or photo booths, event organizers should create enticing opportunities for attendees to take photographs.

Having designated areas where guests can snap and share photos are tried-and-true Instagrammable event ideas.

It’s essential that the space is appealing enough that attendees want to share with their network, therefore organically increasing the visibility of the event.

Installations are becoming increasingly popular and are now a standard for Instagrammable events.

A concept originating from artists and ticketed exhibits, these aesthetically-pleasing, artistically-driven, photogenic structures create captivating moments and promote social sharing.

From flower walls, to silly props, to blown up polaroid frames, the most engaging Instagrammable events use visually compelling “social media decor” to allow attendees to interact with a concept or message that the event is trying to communicate.

Many considerations will determine the success of these spaces.

As mentioned above, a photogenic venue can do a lot of the heavy lifting for Instagrammable events.

If event management can’t depend on the scenery of the venue, branding the environment with logos, slogans, hashtags, brand or event names and constructing shareable, interactive engagements guarantee social shares.

Eye-catching and on-trend Instagrammable event ideas include flower and greenery walls, neon signs, balloon assortments, and murals.

Placing installations in a central spot for guests to see and in high-traffic areas is critical, but signage should still designate these photo set-ups.

If the venue is large enough, provide a map that points them out so attendees don’t miss any of the Instagrammable moments designed for them.

For photo booths, it is key that models have a high-quality camera, an easy-to-use interface and proper lighting for a flattering and professional effect.

Props -- hashtag sticks and cards, sunglasses and hats, themed items and products, etc. -- make photos more interesting and inviting.

Reward or incentivize attendees for participating with product samples, prizes, or sweepstakes entries.

Photo booth models should also include built-in sharing options.

In just a few clicks, guests can email or text their photos to themselves or have their photos uploaded to social platforms, dramatically increasing the online footprint of the event.


Integrate Social Sharing

Designated photo opportunities encourage photo taking -- and the next step in executing Instagrammable event ideas is to encourage photo sharing.

Besides providing Instagram-worthy installations and set-ups, events should remind attendees to share their experiences online.

Each person’s social media is their own personal brand of storytelling, and encouragement to post, share, and contribute to the event makes the experience even more memorable.

To bring your attendees together online, orchestrate an Instagram contest for “silliest photo” or “best dance video” with a prize for the winner.

Hashtags are considered of paramount importance on social media.

For their Instagrammable event ideas to make an impact online, event planners should create a simple but identifiable hashtag for events.

Displaying this hashtag on programs, presentations, backdrops, photo set-ups, and other attention-catching or even unexpected locations informs attendees to use it when they post and share.

During and after the event, people will be able to see all of the photos and even connect with each other online.

Another way to promote social shares is to create an event-exclusive filter or tag.

Geofilters that can only be implemented when event-goers are in attendance stirs excitement, increases overall brand awareness, and solidifies its presence on socials.

Branded video and augmented reality filters are extremely popular on Instagram Stories and help bring Instagrammable event ideas to life.

Experiences designed for Instagram will earn plenty of organic shares, but it is also a good practice to integrate social practices throughout an event.

Create an Instagram story poll, have a monitor where photos and questions can be texted in and displayed, and make a “best photo” contest with a giveaway.

Interactive Instagrammable event ideas can both engage attendees and expand the event’s social reach.

Event management personnel should engage with content in which people are posting in real-time -- liking, commenting, following, reposting -- to fuel further engagement and make attendees feel like an even more important part of the experience.

If there is a takeaway item for event-goers -- and there should be -- it presents an additional opportunity to call for social posts and encourage post-event sharing.

Incentivizing social shares can also occur following the event, with prizes, sweepstakes entries, or discounts and exclusive offers for future events.

When it comes to events, experience is what drives engagements.

The most successful Instagrammable event ideas are born when event organizers focus on creating visual experiences filled with shareable elements.

However, the most engaging content usually comes from attendees who are genuinely excited about the event and what it has to offer.

Creative event planning, then, should always be top of mind.

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