What Do Event Planners Really Wish For?

What Do Event Planners Really Wish For?

At the recent EXHIBITORLIVE event, we took advantage of the opportunity to connect with hundreds of event professionals, by asking them a few simple survey questions. We exchanged some laughs and commiserated with one another about some of the same challenges I had when I was an event planner.

Of course, we all know that surveys can be a little boring, so we decided to have a little fun with ours. In exchange for their insight, we gave each person a magic wand and asked them to make a wish! I will share more on those wishes in a minute. Let’s talk about the survey results first.

When asked about the level of frustration they experience as a result of constant emails, texts and phone calls about event details they have already sent (to event attendees/team), over half of the respondents expressed frustration at the fact that no one seems to read what they send! Another 45% said they were annoyed, but felt it was simply part of the job.



When asked about how they handle notifying event attendees about last minute event changes, 78% said they send an email and hope for the best! Need I remind you about the email frustration (see above)?


When asked how easy it is for them to find all of the travel details (flight, hotel, car reservations) for everyone on their team traveling to an event, only 17% said they could find all of those details in one place. Nearly a third said they eventually get the information they need, but that it takes a while to locate it. And, more than 45% said that trying to get everything they need is like herding cats!


I can’t say that we were surprised by the results. These are the same pain points and frustrations I experienced directly, and ones we hear over and over again from other event professionals. What I am concerned about is that so many event professionals simply think these frustrations are part of the job. I want them to know that it doesn’t have to be that way. Fortunately, for today’s event planners, there are great tools and resources available to help make their jobs easier.

Now, back to the fun part of the survey. As we handed them their bright, sparkly WorkTrip magic wands, we asked them what their first wish would be. Some answers were serious and others were hilarious.

Not surprisingly, the majority of respondents wished for a centralized place to keep and share all of their event details. Here are a few of those wishes, in their own words:

  • One-stop shop to handle event details
  • To have it all in one place
  • Easy to access information for my team that’s intuitive to find and see
  • A tool to manage all this
  • Centralize my team’s events
  • Everyone on the same page
  • Everyone can be on the same page and send items in a timely manner to avoid last minute changes
  • Communication up front so we are all on the same page

Along those same lines, several respondents simply wished for someone to read their event emails!

Some understandably wished for more sleep, vacation or money. A few admirably wished for world peace or happiness for everyone. At least one person wished for their boss to disappear (it’s a good thing these are anonymous). A few wished for everyone to start using WorkTrip, which warmed my heart.

While we might not be able to make all of their wishes come true (yet, anyway), we can certainly help them and their teams utilize WorkTrip. Through WorkTrip, we can help them create a one-stop centralized hub for event details and communication. We can help eliminate mountains of emails that no one responds to, and the stress that goes along with that. And, based on feedback from our customers, all of that can actually lead to more sleep, a more enjoyable vacation and even a promotion and pay increase.

Today, we may be focused on making events easier, but we promise to keep thinking about world peace and happiness. Together, I hope we can make that happen someday too.

- Heather Haigler


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