4 Insights For Creating a Pre-Event Email Template

4 Insights For Creating a Pre-Event Email Template

If you find yourself looking for ways to engage your event attendees while providing helpful event information, emails provide the perfect platform to do both.

When it comes to putting on an event, emailing out information to attendees is a must. As one of many tasks, sending out emails doesn’t have to consume much of your time—because every second is valued in the world of events.

By putting together a pre-event email template, the heavy lifting is complete for any sends that will come later in the planning and execution of the event. Not sure where to begin?

Whether you’re looking for pre-conference email examples or ways to spice up your current sends, WorkTrip is bringing you four tips for creating a pre-event email template that will save you time and headache.


Getting the Most Out of Your Email Platform

The first step to sending informative and communicative messages to attendees is investigating all the capabilities of your email platform.

Your platform should allow you to easily manage a contact list and design and send a professional looking email.

Integrating these functionalities to your event email strategy will help in tracking attendee information and will help keep your event organized.

Depending on your email platform, you should have a variety of options for an event planning email template. Even in starting with a template, you can customize your email to match your brand and theme.

Once you investigate the tools available through your email platform, consider other features that could be leveraged for your event.

Think about creating forms and landing pages that will provide and gather information. These additional elements can be integrated into your email sends and give your audience something to interact with.

When creating the pieces that will make up your email, it’s important to keep a cohesive design in mind.


Designing an Engaging Email

Delivering information to your attendees is one thing, but giving them engaging content through your pre-event email template will help set the tone for your event.

Setting up an event planning email template is the easiest way to ensure design consistency for emails you send before, during and after the event.

Whether you select a preset template from your selected platform or create your own, using consistent design elements that surround your event theme or topic will help bring about excitement for what is to come.

Pre-conference emails also give you an opportunity to add teasers for your event and raise excitement in attendees. Check out this pre-conference email example to inspire you with fresh email ideas.


Messaging to the Masses

And speaking of raising excitement, email message strategy for sends leading up to your event is the perfect opportunity to define the atmosphere of your event and let attendees in on what to expect.

Gone are the days of boring corporate retreats and stuffy emails. Pre-event emails are your first chance to communicate to your attendees.

We recommend three messaging musts for your email strategy: be positive, tell a story and show personality.

  1. Be Positive: Start by being positive and letting your attendees know just how excited your team is to welcome them to the upcoming event. By using positive language and showing excitement for your own event, attendees will naturally be more intrigued walking in.
  2. Tell Stories: Next use storytelling to invite attendees to more than just an event but to an experience. Through storytelling you can give needed information while enticing with and towards your purpose.
  3. Show Personality: This last step is easy, show personality through your language and the content you share. Give attendees a taste of your brand and culture—but most of all entertain them. It can be as simple as sharing a gif or a link to your team’s favorite YouTube video.


Supplying a Call-to-Action

Before closing your email, provide direction for your attendees. As mentioned earlier, integrating forms and landing pages is a simple way to keep information centralized for your event.

Direct attendees to these forms and pages as a next step. Through your selected platform, you are able to add a button that links to a call-to-action.

To get maximum interaction with your call-to-action content, try implementing a button with larger text and bright color to draw attention.

You may be thinking, what should I do if I don’t have a next step for my attendees? Great question - try linking in a piece of content that will show brand personality.

The goal is to leave attendees with a next step and set an engaging tone that will spark conversation before and during your event.

By following these four tips for creating a pre-event email template you can save time while sharing content that will engage your audience before the event even begins.

By creating pre-event email template you will set your team up success for email sending before, during and after the event.


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