Case Study: Trinity3

Case Study: Trinity3

Delivering More than Expected for Trinity3 Events Team and Travelers

In early 2018, Keri Steinmetz, Senior Marketing & Trade Show Coordinator at Trinity3 set out to find a better way to manage her events. In the past, Keri had created “service kits” for each of the 75 – 90 events she manages annually. She tried to ensure that each rep attending the events had everything they needed at their fingertips including show location, show schedule, customized travel and hotel reservations, and more.

Inevitably, some reps would neglect to carry the kit with them, and others would get frustrated trying to find the information they needed when they needed it the most – i.e. standing at the rental car counter or hotel registration being told they didn’t seem to have a reservation. 

When she discovered WorkTrip, Keri thought it would be a promising alternative to spending an hour or more creating each event service kit; instead making that information available on via a mobile app or online. She was also excited about moving her organization in a more technologically advanced and environmentally friendly direction.

"WorkTrip just gives us peace of mind”

– Kendell Rickman, Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist, Trinity3

Keri is thrilled that WorkTrip has exceeded her expectations when it comes to making events easier for her team, and for the reps attending those events.

 “I always have a WorkTrip tab open,” said Keri. “That is now the first place I look, instead of searching through my emails or folders to find something. It’s all there, in one place, in the mobile app or online. Honestly, it has just streamlined everything for us – with every event detail organized and easy to find,” Keri explained.  “WorkTrip has become our lifeline really. Everyone loves it!”

Trinity3’s Director of Sales and Customer Service Jim Mattson agrees. “Having a complete itinerary in one location is invaluable, particularly when reservation information is coupled together directly with important contacts, web links, instructions, and other details. It frees my team up to focus on gaining and retaining customers,” he shared.


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