Your Exclusive Sneak Peek at WorkTrip Customer Success Stories

Your Exclusive Sneak Peek at WorkTrip Customer Success Stories

It’s an exciting time here at WorkTrip! Exhibitor Live is on the horizon, and our one-year product launch anniversary is coming up. With a year of customer experience under our belt, we have recently spent some time speaking with some of those customers. We wanted to learn more about why they started using WorkTrip, how their usage has evolved and how it has changed the way they do their job.

After hearing so many great success stories, we are bursting at the seams with excitement and look forward to sharing some of those success stories on our new website soon. In the meantime, we thought you might enjoy a sneak peek, so here are a few of our favorite highlights.

Like most of you, our customers wear many hats, juggle many balls in the air and are downright busy. In some cases, events are just one of their many responsibilities. All of them are looking for ways to make their jobs and lives easier.

Accuform’s Marketing Manager Samantha Heckman certainly fits that bill. Throughout most of her career, she has been a one-woman marketing shop. With new responsibilities continually added to her plate, she can’t afford to waste time searching for event details, answering questions and/or sending emails over and over again.

“With WorkTrip, I upload the information once. It’s easy to do and it saves me a lot of time,” she said. “It really makes things easier for everyone. I spend a lot of time in meetings, on phone calls, or at tradeshows, making it hard for attendees to reach me and get the information they need, especially if they need it quickly.”

It is also clear that many event managers are tired of being buried in mountains of event-related emails and event binders. They are thrilled to have one place to manage all of their event communications.

“WorkTrip has become our lifeline really. Everyone loves it!” shared Keri.

“The annual sales meeting was a great opportunity for the sales council to see WorkTrip in action, and a direct opportunity for them to experience the value of having a centralized event communication hub,” explained Samantha.

“WorkTrip has made events and travel much easier for me. As I plan my day-to-day managerial items, it is comforting to know that all of my event details are located in convenient location,” said Brad Treuting, director of sales, Carboline. “It helps me always feel prepared for an upcoming show, and makes it easy for me to schedule my customer interactions accordingly.

We also heard a lot about how much everyone loves WorkTrip’s Live Feed.

“WorkTrip’s Live Feed functionality makes it so easy to access photos and details about the shows from everyone who attended, all in one place,” said Mauriah Lamia Accuform’s content and social media manager

In addition, WorkTrip’s Live Feed helps Accuform’s merchandising managers, who don’t always attend the shows, better understand which products customers are interested in.

“It has somewhat of a social media vibe to it, making it really easy to stay connected to your colleagues. I loved seeing all the photos everyone posted at our last sales conference,” shared Chris Flores, Carboline’s key account manager.

We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek. There are so many great stories and we look forward to sharing those soon. If you are already a WorkTrip customer please share your success stories with us. Or, if you are a future WorkTrip customer and want to learn more, let us know.

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