All of your event info on a Secured Database

Rest assured your information is safe in WorkTrip.


All communication with WorkTrip uses the HTTPS protocol. We enforce the latest and most secure TLS version for HTTP traffic to our servers.


WorkTrip runs on Amazon Web Services. Server access is limited to as few people necessary to keep them patched and running. Our servers are only accessible from secured networks.


Our customer data and backups are stored on encrypted volumes.

Ongoing Security

All personally identifiable information is scrubbed from our logs. Your password is never visible to anyone and is secured using a one-way hashing algorithm. We also subject WorkTrip to vigorous external security scans and penetration tests. This ensures that we are always prepared for the latest security vulnerabilities.

Credit Cards

For customers using a paid WorkTrip account, your credit card is never stored on our servers. We pass credit card information to Stripe. Stripe is a payment processor who maintains PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. In addition to Stripes PCI certification, WorkTrip maintains PCI DSS Merchant Compliance.